Mobile Marketing Nigeria

Mobile marketing is any medium that helps in propagating on or with a mobile device, such as a cell phone, Tablet PCs, etc.

Do you want

+ To build good customer relationships.
+ Build customers for life.
+ Learn how to keep your customers from going over to the competition
+ To create a stampede of new clients and customers to your store, shops or office.
+ Your website visitors to start buying… without you having to do any “selling” at all!

Then you should use Mobile marketing media. Join this Group. Mobile marketing can help you

1. Sell Direct - Retailers who service customers from a wide geographical base can benefit from selling.Mobile can helps your sales promotion greatly.

2. Identify Niches - identify niches within your customers. You then use this information to cross sell and to market to each niche separately.

3. Enter New Markets - You can also enter new markets by testing new lists of people that match your best customer profile.

4. Determine Lifetime Value of the Customer - With SMS marketing (applications) you can figure out what each customer is spending and determine on the average what each typical customer is worth.

And Lots more...

In this Mobile Marketing (in) Nigeria group we'll also cover topics such as

+ Creating Mobile apps that you can use in your marketing, or sell for high profits, even if you have zero programming skills.

+ SMS advertising; how it works.

+ Mobile Internet advertising and how to do it profitably.

+ The power of shortcodes and longcodes in Mobile marketing

+ How to quickly and easily build mobile websites.

+ How to run a mobile marketing campaign through your phone and make money from Blackberry, Andriod, Iphone, Nokia or SamSung phones/Tablets.

+ Mobile affiliate marketing and the concepts behinde it.

+ What Mobile coupons are and how to make them work in Nigeria

+ Using paid mobile ads and media buys.

+ How to rapidly build a mobile list. You'll be amazed when you see how to use this to keep your clients customers coming back again and again!

+ Robo calls: how to use automated call machines to earn more money from Business

+ How to use QR codes to discover great offers and market your products or services.

+ Practical Mobile marketing campaigns in actions and Sucess stories of businesses using it.

+ Questions and Answers on Mobile marketing

You can also Become a Mobile marketing expert and use these tactics to help local businesses in your area to make more money. This is an open group, you can add or be added by anyone, you have unrestricted access to post and view. But Here are some ground rules for being a Member of/joining this group


1. No Blatant advertising or derailing of posts. The only adverts that may be accepted are the ones related to mobile marketing.

2. Any Posts/articles not relevant to the topic- mobile Marketing - will be yanked off.

3. No insulting or attacking of anyone on this group.

4. Any other petpeeves the evil minds of the admins of this group can think of. :)

Fail to keep these rules and your membership will be cancelled.

What you'll learn here is a FREE course for capitalizing on mobile marketing in Nigeria. Google is focusing all their resources on mobile. That alone should tell you where the next big money is going to be.