Mobile Phone Photography (Manipur)

Those days were gone, when a camera was a camera, a MP3 player was an MP3 player, a phone was a phone.

These days digital cameras are found in a variety of other gadgets – including cell phones. In fact Camera Phones are one of the fastest growing segments of the digital camera.

So,what are you waiting for,you are always with a Camera every moment. Don't give a chance to miss every singles beautiful moments. Captured them and share in this Group.

This group is being opened for every photo lovers. Keep sharing your best shots (on cell phone camera) here.

N.B: All the members are requested that "DO NOT FORGET, THIS IS A SOCIAL PLATFORM" And we don't appreciate someone who is not educated enough to understand what an art Photography is, So we do not consider your Feedback on what we love doing...Peace \m/