Socialites Malaysia - An Open Community of Social Media Influencers

Socialites is an open community of social media (mobile) influencers who are keen to participate in any social community based programs and campaigns in Malaysia. Interest will vary from education, sports, human rights, environment and so on and so forth, but in principle getting together and doing things for the sake of creating a better place for all of us.

In return, Socialites will receive unique experiences to be shared with their friends and followers thus creating more following for themselves in various social networks such as blogs, twitter, instagram and even Facebook. Some may even get monetary or gifts in kind, but in general, a sense of fulfillment of being part of a larger plan to do something for others less fortunate.

If you're looking for fun and awesome events/campaigns to share and participate in, look no further and join our group now! smile emoticon

Ps for potential collaboration, e-mail the organizing team at and we'll be more than happy to assist!

Christopher Tock
Socialites Director