Mog Orphans

Mog Orphans serves to help revive the spirit of the old community based Mog.

We love Mog for what it is and or what it was, and are not anti-mog. In fact some of us use, rely on and highly recommend it's streaming service.

We meet here only because the direction of the Mog we knew it, has changed, which it was bound too, as any Web 2.0 biz is bound to. A business without a revenue stream can only go one direction, and we hope they succeed.

Mog Orphans are merely some of the people who found something (musical kindred spirits) in the original Mog communities first 2 years (and maybe later).

The idea is here is that it might now be easier to revive the early spirit of Mog (Community Involvement, musical discovery, great comment threads) in Facebook.

So post away, friend, all those videos and musical earworms that have been invading your earballs and skulls.

*While the group is currently private, it is posed to be public if enough people get on board.