Moms on a budget Springfield PA

This group was created for Moms On A Budget. We want to have fair trade with no rude or bad behavior. You can post items for sale or being given away, but there is NO BEST OFFERS! Items are sold to the person to first post "INTERESTED" with 24 hours to make arrangements for when and where to meet. ***Meeting does not have to be away from the home, but buyer does not have to go to the item, just simply post "PASS!" This groups is "G" rated and needs to be kept that way!
Rules & Regulations
Buy & Sell or give away baby, kids or any household items for reasonable prices!
24 hours to have communication with each other~ then it can be relisted!
1. Please write INTERESTED Under the post
2. POSTER please respond promptly underneath or a personal message
3. After communication PLEASE write the status ~pending pick up, sold etc
4. After items are pick up PLEASE REMOVE POST!!!
5. We are all grown adults PLEASE no drama.
6. No selling sample formula or coupons. You are more than welcome to give both away to a good home or trade =)
7. Put a price on the description when you post a pic.
8. Be honest about the condition of all items.
9. You can bump ONCE every 24 hours!
Things happen very quickly on the page.. so make sure you adjust your notifications on your phones or ipads if you are waiting for an answer on something.
10. Please try to put all items in an ALBUM makes it easier to scroll through the page & its easier for YOU to find your items!

If you are taking pictures of your items with a phone and uploading, download a picture layout app so you can put 2, 3 and 4 pics on one post.