Monash PoliticalSpace

A group for the discussion of Monash politics and the discussion of wider politics by student in the City of Monash.

1. Don't be disruptive. This includes (but is not limited to) overuse of glib answers, trolling, and derailing.
2. No inane comments. This includes things like excessive social exchanges, off-topic material, and pointless jokes. (This is the shit that I delete quickest as it is easiest to spot and judge).
3. The use of profanity is acceptable only when contextualized within larger expositions of thought. There is a low tolerance for racist, homophobic, etc. slurs.

1. Please don't block the mods.
2. Try to attack the argument, not the person. Any attacks on a person should refer to specific arguments and actions made by them.
3. If you wish to bring up a hot topic (eg. Israel) in a thread that is not strictly about it, instead you should make a new post about it, referencing the previous thread if necessary.
4. Please avoid using slurs.
5. This isn't stalkerspace.
6. Rather than make a new comment to correct a small mistake you can edit it by clicking on the little pen/pencil icon at the top right of that comment. Note that anyone can see the edit history of a post by clicking on the "edited" link at the bottom of the comment.

Breaking the rule(s) may result in immediate account removal/ banning, or the removal of offending comments (and any that lose context due to that deletion). You may also be banned if you consistently ignore the guidelines and there is little redeeming value to your posts.
If you think that a post needs to be reviewed by a moderator, the best thing to do is click on the timestamp under the comment (eg. "13 minutes ago"), and send that message in a private message to one of the administrators with an explanation of the context if it requires it. You could also make a new post about the issue of an individual's behavior to discuss with the whole group. Note that moderators aren't necessarily reading every comment under every posts, it's up to users to point these things out.

Suggestions for updating the rules and guidelines, as well as moderator applications, are welcome in PMs or posted in the group.