Monash JD Second Hand Books

---------- Updated 6/1/2015----------
Welcome to the Monash JD S...econd Hand Books group.
This group was created to provide a forum for current and prior Monash JD students to advertise their second hand law books.

In participating this group, users consent to the following terms:
1. This page is for private sellers only.
2. Spam posts will not be tolerated.
3. Abusive and unconscionable acts will not be tollerated
In the event of abusive/unconscionable acts by users, admins reserve the right to:
A) Issue bans
B) Refer the matter to police if so required
4. Illegal conduct and sale of illegal items may result in a ban, and referal to the police.
5. The group's admins will not bear responsibility for transactions which take place through this group between users.
6. Admins will not bear responsibility for the individual/collective actions of group users.
7. Users consent to the admin's right to remove posts, comments and users from the group unilaterally.
8. The admin bears the right to ban users from the group unilaterally.
9. Should disputes arise between users, such matters will be arbitrated by the admins.
10. Admin decisions regarding disputes are final.
11. Auction posts are disallowed

Guidelines: Sale posts
The following should be stated as minimum requirements:
A) title
B) price
C) condition of the article(s)

In the interests of facilitating business efficacy, it is advised that sellers carry out business with the first comment upon their sales post(s) which indicates a genuine expression of interest.

When the article has been sold, the seller bears responsibility to either:
a. remove the post
b. edit the post to indicate that the article is no longer for sale.