More Than Makeup ✨

We are More Than Makeup. We are Familyyyy, Friends, Fun & Love.... We are Encouraging, Chill, Bomb, Fabulous Aliens. We are Confident, Beautiful and Accepting. This Awesome Tribe is a Getaway where we all have Worth and Slay. We offer a Comfortable place to expand your Knowledge with Gorgeous and Inspiring, Creative, Beyond, Wonderful little bundles of Positivity. The Beautiful Alien souls here are Admirable, Excited, and Empowering. These Amazing Friends offer Uplifting Support and a Positive place for Learning. We are MORE THAN MAKEUP.

(words compiled via status update asking members to write the first word that came to their head when describing this group, all capitalized words are members responses)

Creator: Tessa Tucker
Admin: Brittany, Kimmy, Michele, Amanda and Raven!