Million chef for healthy cooking, and food lovers, to your family :)

Welcome to all our new members.
Hey to all members.
These are the only rules we have.

Before listing rules, this group has a goal is to connect1 million people who love to cook and like all healthy food and cooking.

This group is for recipes that you have personally taken, tried, and perfected or to ask questions about recipes and food. Revenue sharing from other groups is ok as long as it is limited to 2-5 throughout the day and has no link to another site. If you load the page with random groups from other groups Post will be removed from this group.

This group and owner of the blog recipes and healthy cooking :

as this group is private to the following facebook page :
moroccan healty cooking
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Absolutely no ads or SPAMMNG . If you spam you will be kicked and banned. Administrator tries to keep the pesky spammers, but if one slips by us to comment here so we can get'em .

When you post a recipe try to include an image is to facilitate sharing. But if it is a single text recipe is ok.

Please, we have different religions and cultures on this page. If someone ask for prayers, please be positive. If you do not pray or believe in God or such, please refrain from negative remarks. I like to think that we are a family of mountain. Be good to each other.

Great Job to everyone to keep this page fun, very interesting (LOL) , and a pleasure to be outside .

Thank you,
admin Team