If you LOVE Growth...

If you LOVE filling yourself up with knowledge and value...

If You LOVE working towards manifesting your true goals in life...

Then read this entire message. This group is going to help you DRASTICALLY move closer to where you want to be, by providing the knowledge and community 'Nourishment' all entrepreneurs need to succeed.

***What This Is About***

This group stands more for a 'Movement' than it does anything else....

What we are putting together here is the 'Motivated Entrepreneurs' MOVEMENT. The bringing together of collectively empowered and inspired people to create MASSIVE freedom for ourselves, and as many people in the world as possible.

Our ambitions do not just stop with us reaching our own goals in life... they continue until our lives have literally becoming a conductor for AWAKENING people to the 'Power' they have inside... and showing them some of the most innovative ways in existence to really LIVE their life FREE.

We put this group together to share some of the most cutting edge marketing strategies known to man with you...

We put this together to inspire, add value, and GIVE the true lessons we've learned that have brought us much abundance in short periods of time...

We put this group together to mobilize each other... so we can continue to support each other and HELP each other in all of our goals and pursuits.

We put this group together to BROADCAST our message to the world... and help WAKE UP more 'Motivated Entrepreneurs' so they can live more of what their purpose might be in life.

***That Is Why We Are Here...***

In this group, you're going to meet A LOT of very good people. You're going to have the chance to learn from, and network with some of the brightest people on facebook almost guaranteed.

There will be lots of knowledge shared, insights, and content. Please APPRECIATE it and ALWAYS try to contribute as much as you can personally.

At the end of the day... it is the 'Value' that we put out to the world that attracts or creates all that we are looking for.

The more value we offer... the more that comes back to us. Which is why the first intention of this group is to 'Develop' as people with an abundance of value to offer.

You will be able to do that here. So here's how to get started in the 'movement'...

******How To Get Started In The Movement******

Here's what you should do right now...

1. -> Click 'Join Group' right up at the top to become a member of the 'Motivated Entrepreneurs' Movement...

2. -> Click on the 'Invite Other People' link to invite your friends and business partners... who you want to be part of our movement. And who you feel could 'Benefit' and also 'GIVE VALUE' to this entire community.

3. -> Send them the invitation along with a message about what this 'movement' means to you and why you are here.

4. -> Share this group on your 'Posted Items' by clicking on "SHARE+" on your profile.

5. -> MAKE SURE YOU INTRODUCE YOURSELF BELOW asap, so we can get to know one another, and start assisting each other in becoming more 'Empowered' and creating more of our goals.

There's two things you can do as well...

-. Post a link to your twitter so we can all connect with each other and stay posted through twitter.

-. Network With Other People!!

If you see people adding value or who you just like on twitter, facebook, or any of the other social platforms... let them know you appreciate them!

Share the empowerment, positive energy, and good vibes, and you'll be meeting lots of people in the process.

6. LEAVE A COMMENT ON OUR WALL OR POST A VIDEO NOW talking about your life, who you are, and what you want.

Share your story for empowerment, how you came to be here, and give us #1 big piece to take away.

(Hint, it is VERY good to get in the habit of doing this. All the content you create, and the quality of content you create will determine MUCH about how much exposure you can get...) So start practicing now by sharing value. :)

7. VISIT OUR DISCUSSION BOARDS - start a topic, contribute to one, or let someone know you appreciate what they are putting out. Soak up the knowledge and vibe.

8. -> SHARE YOURSELF WITH US :) - By adding videos and photos or anything else you would like. Tell us who has helped guide you... and share that with others here as well.

9. -> CHECK OUT ALL THE ITEMS AND PEOPLE HERE - we are nurturing and supporting this group of people... to ALL be better at what we do. Both in life and entrepreneurialism.


Now, because we are very serious about creating a TON of value here for people, and really want to foster a true 'Mastermind Group'... NO SPAM will be accepted.

if you're looking to self serve and take before you give... any spam or spam like comments or activity will be reason for you to be removed from the group. So, please lead with value... lead with giving... know what you give you get later on.

I'll see you around all my friends!

~ Yours In Massive Success ~

Flavian Moki and Lilian Ngatunyi