2014 Intake--NUS MSc Business Analytics

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MSBA was launched by NUS School of Computing & NUS Business School, via NUS Business Analytics Centre (http://bac.nus.edu/), in partnership with IBM, EDB (www.ow.ly/rWqU2) & WDA (www.ow.ly/pWFbb). It aims to equip fresh graduates & mid-career professionals with analytics & consulting skills for the high-value (www.ow.ly/q0ji3) jobs globally.

MSBA's curriculum is designed with IBM & EDB, both also providing industry expertise and access to analytics technology & solutions.

It is the cherished intention of the NUS Schools to build a distinguished, integrative & proactive MSBA alumni community, right from the submission of the very first application in 2013 to Asia’s Global MSBA Program.

You are heartily welcome to join NUS only if you are a qualified applicant envisioning your career commitment to:

1. Integrate with community
To be an MSBA member, you ought to own your lifelong community, dedicate to attracting talents, & promote habitual knowledge sharing.

2. Transform your persona
To be a professional consultant, you ought to possess intrinsic integrity, engage people everywhere, & communicate ideas concisely.

3. Innovate for excellence
To be a data evangelist, you ought to inspire curiosity, personify ingenuity, & stay enterprising.

NUS (www.ow.ly/rWoVu), Asia’s Global Knowledge Enterprise, is further committed to accompany you along your professional journey, through www.bschool.nus.edu/CareerService.aspx & our international alumni network http://alumnet.nus.edu.sg/ integrating worldwide collegial activities. All MSBAs are also earnestly invited to be engaging lifelong members of their respective intake cohorts, like www.fb.com/groups/mscba2013, and later join www.fb.com/groups/mscba & www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4998712 as they settle in their larger community.

Within our MSBA ecosystem of alumni, students, staff, counselors, faculty & partners, you will find enrichment for your social asset, enhancement to your relational capital, as well as enlargement of your global footprint. We likewise look forward to you lending your insights & reputation for the empowerment of junior members following you. We urge you to embrace integration, integrity & innovation in your visionary MSBA professional commitment, as you prepare for bringing people, expertise & systems together.

Universidad Nacional de Singapur Máster en Business Analytics.
Université nationale de Singapour Master en Business Analytics.
Nationale Universität von Singapur Master-Studiengang in Geschäft Analytik.
Национальный университет Сингапура, магистра в бизнес-аналитики.