Mt Pleasant (MI) Area Garage/Yard/Rummage Sale

To Join this group: Please make your page public just until you are added to this group or send Candy Courser Newman a message telling me where you live (just the vicinity, not your address). Right now there are over 300 people who haven't answered my message asking where they are from. If you don't get added within 24 hours, check your "Other Inbox" at FB for a message from Candy Courser Newman. Keep reading: If you want to join this group, the Admin must be able to see where you live!!!! When someone requests to join, we must be able to visit your page and tell that you live or work at least in the vicinity of Mt Pleasant, MI. If we can't tell where you live, etc... You may not be allowed to join. If you feel you should be allowed to join, contact an admin and give your reasons.
If you are allowed to join....
Post things you have for sale in this group: used, handmade, or new. Posting of announcements and Ads are allowed. Anyone using profanity or posting obscene items will be removed from this group.
New 10-29-12: If you are posting ads to this group, please only post your ad once per week. Most members are here just for buying or selling and they would rather not see repeated ads that don't pertain to buying or selling. If this rule is not followed you will be removed from this list. Thank You!
New 5-30-13: Bumping your post to the top of the groups page is allowed once per day, per item.
New 7-31-13: If you tell someone you will take a certain amount or you will hold an item for a certain period of time, keep your promise. If an admin hears of someone selling an item after a promise like this has been made, you may be deleted from our group. Think about how you would like to be treated and treat others the same.