Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi University of Management, USA

Group is only for IT Professionals. IT software professionals are invited to apply for the Computer Professionals Program to earn a Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) degree and do practical training in an IT company in the USA.

All international students receive extensive financial aid for the majority of their tuition, housing, and meals expenses, and can work for up to two years in a full-paying practical training job in the USA. Please visit the http;// for more information and to apply online.

The Computer Professionals Program is available at only one accredited US university -- Maharishi University of Management.

Here's a brief summary:
• You will earn an MSCS degree from a highly respected, accredited university that integrates the study of computer science with a scientifically proven technology for awakening your total brain potential.
• Top students continue to find practical training jobs — in the past year, U.S. technology companies have hired our students at an average annual salary of $65,000-75,000, with higher salaries possible.
• Low initial tuition payments: $5000 - $7500 depending on qualification level. (plus additional $2200 for personal expenses)
• A recent InfoWorld compensation survey found that the average salary of IT professionals in America with an MSCS degree is $14,525 per year above the average salary of those without the degree.
• The University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and has received more than $32,000,000 in federal research grants,
• Maharishi University of Management is renowned for its safe, harmonious, sustainable campus in the friendly city of Fairfield, Iowa in the central USA. Students come from many countries, living and learning together as a world family.

For full details on the program, visit our website at You can apply online. An application fee of $50 is due only after you receive final acceptance.

Questions regarding the program can be answered at or by leaving a message for a current student or admissions representative at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Craig Shaw
Director of Student Recruiting
Computer Professionals Program
Maharishi University of Management, USA