musicians mart NE


Sell your unwanted music related gear on here - FREE!!! Also advertise your musicians wanted etc.


1. All posts must please include price & location also a photograph is a good option and does help promote your item. If the item is a swap then that is fine but clearly state this.

2. If you wish to bump your items only once every 24 hours please. If it's not moving then there's something wrong. Check your price, your description etc. If a sensible amount (anything from a few quid for a pedal to £30 for a decent guitar for example) is pledged to our charity then twice within a 24 hr period bumping is allowed.

3. If you reduce the price (not by an insignificant amount in relation to the item) then your effectively bumping anyway that can be as often as you wish.

4. Be reasonable think about your advert before listing think about the price before you list it if you need to sell it fast then that should reflect in the price - once you have advertised a price don't make turn the post into a Dutch auction, your listing price should be the last (unless you've listed £150 for a Gibson Les Paul Custom & it should be £1500 for example)

5. If you don't agree with something that the seller/ potential buyer has listed then please don't slate the seller publicly - pm them or an admin if it seems serious.

6. No gig promotion on the page please (use the group listed below) Charity gigs can be posted - please pm me or Pam first.

7. Please refrain from having a 'chat' on a posters listing, that's what pm's are for :) or if its music related, use the group below.

8. Please refer to the "LetstalkmusicNE" group for chat, gig promotion etc.

9. Please no posting of HiFi/ DJ gear at all. This includes, mini disc players (portable or not), vinyl turntables, CD players, tape (DAT or otherwise) HiFi amplifiers etc. Headphones are also not to be posted please. For the record, I will & have allowed iPads & computer gear with studio type recording programs installed. If in doubt, please pm an admin before posting- respect the admins decision please.

10. Please no direct links to eBay or eBay listing numbers at all. This is independent of any such auction sites. This will also include Gumtree or similar, if you can post on Gumtree you can post on here. Any posts not abiding to these rules will be deleted.

11. Any aggro, abuse either publically or pm will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.

12. Maxiimum of FOUR POSTS PER MEMBER at any given time! Multi item posts allowed, please put all photographs of items into an album.

Enjoy, have fun! The rules are there so that people don't get too upset with listings or each other. There are over 5,500 members guys, I make nothing from this and the other three mods don't either. Any questions drop me/ us a PM

Thanks for your support. x
Keith, Pam, Steven and Wilf