You know you're a Muslim when....

The Good: Alhamdulillah
The Bad: AstaghfirAllah
The Ugly: Aoodubillah

If you have an issue with a post or want to enlighten someone please provide the (proof) daleel because we don't care how you feel.

The Aim of this group is to unite the Ummah.
We represent Communities all over the Earth.
We seek to enlighten, unify and maintain a safe haven within this Collective.
Trolling, consistent disruptive or disrespectful posts, arguing or voluminous back-to-back posting will result in deletion without hesitation.
Violent/disturbing pictures will be deleted without notice.
If you cannot make your point without being rude and nasty, you are not welcomed or needed.
At the discretion of the Admins, it will also be a platform for important Muslim causes that need attention, In Shaa Allah.

Enjoy :)