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Welcome to Knox County Mommies!

This is a group for moms in Knox County, OHIO! :) This is a place where we can share coupons & sales, share recipes, talk about our kids, and make other mom friends! Here, moms can talk about anything, post about events, give advice, vent and just share the ups and downs of being a mom. Feel free to add your friends that live in/are from Knox County who are mothers or expecting mothers! If you would like to help organize a group event or play date, have any ideas or suggestions, please message an admin. We hope you enjoy being part of this group! Let's keep this group a fun, supportive and friendly environment for all members.
Thanks! :)

Admin/Owner- Jenni Mast
Admin- Kristina Willis
Admin- Jenna Snell


Question Submissions:
If you would like to post a question to the group but want to do it anonymously, you can send your question to any admin; we will post it for you and we promise to keep your identity private.

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