Grief Recovery-My Child Has Wings

MCHW's is for for Bereaved Parents and Grand Parents ONLY.

Please read our rules before requesting to join us. Our rules are strictly enforced.
This group (MCHW) has (12) Admins including myself. They are as follows:
Sandy Reed, Liz Carthy Weyhknecht, Melanie Lott, Renee Blythe, Cherie Aschan Ritchie, Amanda AussiePea Wheatley, Sharon
Schlingmann, Anita Jane Doble Halas, Aunt Kitty, Gail Anoe, Barbara Stevens,and Shirley Tripp Johnson (Group Owner). The Admins are to be respected.
NOTE:Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc. is our Mother Company and will post WOHLF groups and products associated with our Non Profit.
1. Drama is NOT tolerated PERIOD. If you don't like a post or comment, scroll past it and don't comment if you can't be supportive.
Note: Disagreements or differences in opinions are not the same as Drama.
2. God Bashing is NOT allowed and will NOT be tolerated.
We do not discriminate regarding religion, spirituality or lack of. Being angry with God after a loss is natural but that is not bashing.Keep comments in good taste.
3. Do Not post books for sale, products, groups, blogs, charities, etc. All posts will be removed. Feel free to discuss books or recommend books with no links, unless approved by Admin. (exception, Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc.)
4. If you are suicidal, please call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. If you reside in another country, an internet search will provide you with the number for your country or area.
Note: While we can give you support, compassion and love during the difficult times, we are not trained professionals in Suicide Prevention and you should always seek the proper care when needed.
5.We are a grief support group but there are always going to be issues that will be posted that are not grief related that may be difficult to ask of a family member or a friend after loss. Be considerate of others and what the needs may be.
6. NO posting of caskets or a child who has passed. Some don’t have a problem with it but others do. Out of respect for the whole group we will no longer allow posting pictures of children after they have died. No exceptions.
7.Please refrain from using the Lords name in vain and using the "F" word.
8. When a situation arises in the group and an ADMIN has to step in to diffuse the conversation, please be respectful or you will be removed. We believe in second chances but not respecting an ADMIN is grounds for immediate removal.
9. If you don't like the way the group MCHW is ran, then we strongly urge you to find one that suits your taste. We don't allow a lot of things here that other groups will tolerate. MCHW has a good reputation and we intend to keep it that way.
10. ADMINS will use their discretion on removing people or posts.
I hope everyone in MCHW group finds peace, compassion, support, hope and healing from our group. We are walking this journey together.

Shirley Tripp-Johnson
Group Owner