holistic healing

Holistic Healing - a clinic for holistic health care & complete wellness

ABOUT US :- Holistic healing is a complete wellness center, by Ms Pooja Kothari (Counsellor, D.Ac, Nutritionist, & Alternative therapist). Ours is a holistic approach towards all types of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances which are ultimately transformed into ‘’diseases.’’

OUR BELIEF :- ‘’We are humans and not machines’’ made up of a soul and not just parts. So any problem in the human system has to be treated as a whole and not as different parts. Holistic healing treats the human body as one whole entity and thus treats the root cause and not only the symptom.
We all are perfect by creation but imperfect by choice. Thus we all have the right to remain perfect and that is what we work for at holistic healing.

OUR AIM :- 1. To bring mind and body in perfect balance.
2.To make you aware of your own system and bring about a deeper understanding of the self.
3. To eliminate any discomfort or disease completely from the system including its root cause permanently.