Mystic Healing Home

Healing is God's Grace descending through healing hands in response to a plea sent to DIVINE .
Healing is by-product in achieving main goal Enlightenment.
Healing is reconnecting back to our Source
Healing is cleansing our vessel( physical Body) servicing our vehicle ( mind) renovating our house( temple of our soul ) washing our clothes ( Aura) Mending our wear and tear from our our Energy bodies .
Healing is seeking our re connection to walk way back our Home .
Without being fully healed one can not merge ,back , seek union with hollies of Holy , Our Father , Our Source .

Mrs Nirmal Mozumdar
Spiritual Life Coach. Mobile no - 9465601980.

Mystic Healing Yoga is to HEAL different dimensions of Life REFLECTED through our HUMAN body.

1. AWAKEN, EXPLOR AND EXPERIENCE our Spirituality /our Energy Being ness. (Aura -Chakra Yoga)
2. HEAL, PROTECT AND EMPOWER our Spiritual Self / Energy Field / Aura (psychic self defense)
4. UNDERSTAND various Issues-Lessons, Karma-Destiny, Beliefs-Conditioning, Obstacles- Opportunities. SOUL CONTRACTS, WOUNDS/ Gifts and talents.
5. KARMA clearing (CAUSE AND EFFECT) to HEAL unresolved issues of past (irrespective of your faith and belief in past lives) like, fears, Addictions, Relationship issues, Diseases, untimely death , suicidal /criminal tendencies, Accidents, Attitudes.
6. Retrieve and reintegrate your Soul fragments, Power Animal Spirit Guides, Elements, Plants and Minerals.
7. Realign and transcend back to your Source - Soul, Angels/ Devas ,Guides, God goddesses, and Higher self to become one with the Source .
8. LEARN AND PRACTICE DIFFERENT Mystic TECHNIQUES – Age Old Spiritual Practices Modified in the present like. A. Mantras ( AFFIRMATIONS ).B Mudras( ANCHORING ENERGY POINTS/NLP , EFT ) C. Kriyas( ENERGY MOVES / Q-GONG , TRACING MERIDIANS ) D. Bhava (INTENSIONS ) E. Dhyan ( MEDITATIONS )

Please note
Also Available Certificate courses in Wide variety of NEW AGE SPIRITUAL HEALING MODELITIES-
Like Reiki 1st Degree to Mastership, Past Life Regression, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, Shamanism, Dowsing Crystal Ball Gazing, Crystal and Color Healing, Angel Therapy. Mystic Healing.
2.Group of people may ask to organize sessions at any suitable time and place as per their convenience.
3. On line sessions and classes .