Nagalim Times

NTIMES was launched on 4th October 2009. NTIMES updates daily, both in Facebook group and through FREE SMS, all breaking news of North East India, India and the rest of the World.

We have FREE subscribers from all over India – from Jammu & Kashmir to Kerala and from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat. The Indian Express (Pune Newsline) reporter was the first to report about NTIMES and wrote, “Introducing Nagalim Times (N Times), a free SMS news service, whose concept is not just to communicate news but also to connect people to the mainland and vice versa through the vital pieces of information.” (

We launched NTIMES -

1) To share news pertaining to Nagas with mainland Indians and people around the world.

2) To help northeast Indians know more about what is happening in India and around the world.

3) To help people around the world know what is happening in Nagaland and NE India.

4) To bring better understanding and unity between northeast Indians and mainland Indians through knowing and sharing of each other’s culture.

5) We also send SMS notifications on various entrance exams, job opportunities and admissions taking place all over India.

Who need NTIMES free SMS News Service?

- Those who want to know more about NE India.

- Those who don’t have enough time to read newspapers.

- Those who are always eager to hear breaking news.

- Those living in remote areas without access to printed newspapers.

- Those who want to get their news before it arrives through the printed newspapers.

To get FREE subscription to NTIMES simply type: JOIN NTIMES and send to 9219592195 or 567678.

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“The happening news of a place tells the culture of the people and if you want to know the culture of the people, read more news about that place” - NTIMES