Surviving the Narcissistic Ex Partner Closed Group UK and Worldwide

Sharing experiences of life with a narcissistic partner and the ...aftermath
Here chat, discuss and to tell us your story.
Meet ups in the UK from time to time.

This survival and recovery group strives to be a safe haven for females who have a narcissistic ex-partner /or soon to be one...but also a parent ...friend... sibling....boss.... to share experiences, to give hope , to say how it is, to find support, to heal and to encourage each other.
Please read the rules below before posting!
Note: This is a closed group. Your posts on here can not be seen by other people on your timeline. They might appear on your timeline but only you can see them.
1. Any spam and you will get banned straight away.
2. Please note : If you PM another member or send a friend request and they don’t respond then please respect their wishes. There will be people on here who do not want their personal situation compromised in anyway… again please respect this
3. If you have an issue with anyone on here in any posts or other…please do not confront them on it…if you need to discuss further then pm them …if they do not wish to respond …then accept this please!
4.) This one is very important …. The posts on here need to stay on here and must not be shared outside the group. If you want to share an image then download it to your computer under ‘options’ at the bottom of the photo . Under no circumstances should you share any posts publically that show any links to this page or other members details. If you do not observe this rule you will be blocked.
5.) If you are feeling suicidal please be aware we are not trained to help you in this difficult situation. Please call Samaritans 24 hour help line: 116 123 (free of charge from a landline or mobile)
6..) No swearing and no all Capital letters
7.) No mentioning the Narc, OW or OM names … everything must be kept confidential please and definitely …no photos!!
8.) Please be sensitive towards everyone else on here …an important requirement.
9.) Its ok to discuss the role of your faith in your journey of survival /recovery…but discussion of your religious beliefs is not …and neither is politics.
Anyone not observing the above will be removed as will anyone being abusive , rude or antagonistic.
If you observe any of the above in a post then either tag an admin or pm them to inform them.
Many thanks and kind regards … and we send you a very warm welcome!
DISCLAIMER: the information, posts, views and comments within this particular group are based purely on personal experiences.
They should not substitute seeking professional legal advice or doctors care