The motto shall be known as TOWARDS THE MAKING OF A GREAT STATE….

• To serve as a responsible and a responsive advocate for the advancement of equity, social justice, and fair play in all matters affecting the good people of Nasarawa State both locally and nationally.
• Promote economic justice, empowerment and cooperation between and among Nasarawa People.
• To seek to promote and contribute to every effort aimed at ensuring that Nasarawa People not only have access to opportunities but are actually seen to play important beneficial roles in the exploitation and management of resources emanating from their land.
• Seek to serve as a mouth piece on social, economic and political issues and also as advocates for truth and accountability in public service within and outside the state.
• Seek enhanced and sustained development of our human resource potentials and promote their proper utilization locally and nationally.Endeavour to stem the tide of poverty, break the cycle of pain and misery by educating our people to get involved in the economic and political processes that sharpen their lives and that of others.
• N.P.C desires to mobilize our people to create initiatives and embark on efforts that emancipate the generality of our people.
• N.P.C set out to put off the fire of ethnicity and tribalism that has retarded our growth as a people with its attendant malignant and balkanizing tendencies.
• N.P.C intends to initiate and pursue meaningfully ideologies and strategies that will help our people participate favorably through functional education.
• We shall also work to complement the efforts National, State and local Governments, as well as Non Governmental Organization (N.G.O) aimed at turning around our society for the benefit of all.
• To educate our people on their roles, right, duties and responsibilities in state and nation building.
• Finally, there is no equivocation in saying that our cultural values have been grossly undermined, hence we shall evolve proactive and pragmatic approaches aimed at salvaging and fostering our cultural values.
I. VISION: Envisions a state where collective interest is paramount, every citizens welfare is guaranteed (socially, economically and politically) and where the philosophical concept of (NASARAWAISM) is given full expression and emphasized as the working spirit for the realization of our purpose as a people.
II. MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide a veritable platform for the socio- economic and political transformation of Nasarawa state. This is to be achieved through partnering with Government, The elders, youths, Corporate bodies and other stakeholders in the task of evolving and implementing a blue print that will engender socio-economic change and sustainable development. Furthermore, since the type of leadership determines efficient resource utilization and management, N.P.C shall at all times strive for the creation of an enabling environment for the emergence of the right type of leadership at all levels of governance
III. OBJECTIVES: To impact the spirit of Great Leadership into all men.

- All members of the foundation must fall within the following categories
- The foundation shall maintain and keep at its registered office a register of all members.
-Is open to all citizens of unquestionable character or doubtful integrity