OMG! Black Hair Conversation

1st: NOT a place for spam or non-hair related posts. Coming here only to promote your products is a BIG no-no (leading post deletions and/or bans from this group). Make some friends, talk to people and your products will soon come up in conversation NATURALLY (get it? Naturally? smile emoticon )

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- What this group is for: To get and give natural hair tips, advice and support. Share natural hair care articles and discussions that you've found across the web with other Natural Hair Lovers in this group. Both women and men are welcome, as long as you love the natural hair movement.

Although the FOCUS is natural hair, all black hair conversations are welcomed. Someone not natural today, may become natural soon.

Either way....

Shaming of non-naturals will not be tolerated. It's their head and their decision. When they see your beautiful hair and positive attitude it may draw them in though smile emoticon


You are welcome here, but please note that businesses are BEHIND regular members in pecking order.

"CONVERSATION posts" always trump promotional posts at all times. This group is for women wanting to talk about hair and beauty.

For ladies like this....


If you have engaged in normal conversations with members here and are truly a part of the OMG community, posting/promoting your products occasionally is fine.

* If you DON'T interact normally with people in the community, don't post your products either.

** Even if you are active in the community, don't push any products not directly related to hair and/or beauty. And please don't spam the same post over and over again, effectively pushing the "conversation posts" down the board and out of site.

- No nudity
- No negativity (This is a happy place heart emoticon )

RULE ADDITION: Posting screenshots and memes of highly negative comments about natural hair or natural-haired women will NOT be allowed.

Those kinds of posts don't match the positive environment of the OMG Black Hair Conversation group and only cause division, anger, arguments and breed more negativity.

There are other natural hair groups that would love to entertain the negativity, THIS GROUP will not. I personally have no interest in giving attention to foolery. Those types of posts will be deleted without warning. Thanks, and much love to all y'all beautiful people.

------ This group is known for the conversation and encouragement, All active admins will protect that environment for those looking to learn, teach and encourage. Enjoy! ----------