Natural Weight Loss & Household Hints

Please feel free to post your favorite recipes, household hints and do-it-yourself tips!

I started this group because I believe we should share good news about honest and healthy products when we find them. I use and am now a distributor for a weight-loss product called Skinny Fiber. I will be posting information about SF in this group. You do not have to use or buy SF to enjoy the healthy recipes and natural household products posted here. Please respect the fact that only polite and clean posts will be allowed to stay here. Absolutely NO ads for other products or redirection to websites or pages!

Please feel free to comment on these posts or post your own favorite recipes, Do-it-yourself ideas and pictures for each. I would welcome all participation in this group.

There will be a few posts about Skinny Fiber because I am a Distributor for this amazing product. However, I will not cover the page with them. Just one or two a day for your information. There is always a link at the bottom of these posts for more information and lots of information in the Files tab above.

Have fun! Enjoy! Share with your friends! I am sure they will enjoy the tips here too!!

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