Nature Cure

NATURE CURE is the oldest of the Natural Health Philosophies.
• It is the foundation for the knowledge pertaining to the achievement and maintenance of normal functioning of the body and mind.
• It is the art and science of taking care of human health by providing the organism with its biological requirements and natural conditions.

1. NATURAL LIVING - Living in harmony with the structure and cycles of the human body, the environment, the seasons, as well as absorbing the normal biological materials and cosmic, solar, terrestrial radiations, which are necessary for human health.
The components of Natural Living are:
- A plant based diet - eaten with the application of as little heat as possible
- The proper use of Air, Water and Sunlight
- Exercise and Rest
- Mental Poise with a Positive Attitude
- Spinal Integrity

2. NATURAL HEALING - Allowing the body to heal itself without the use of drugs, medicines or any other ‘healing modality’
- When conditions are correct - the body will enter into a cycle of detoxification in an attempt to normalize itself.