Unrestricted Florissant and north county

If you have lived or do live in Florissant or north county, if you own a business or work here, if you have or had friends here, if you have visited us or want to visit us, you are welcome.
Post any pictures you want-past or present from anywhere in the metro or the world if you think they are great pics. must be in good taste and not obscene or sugesitive.
If you own a business pls feel free to tell us about it. its tough being a small businessperson and we should patronize those who serve us and form the infrastructure of our communities.
We aren't going to have hard and fast rules. Do not attack other posters. do not be rude or mean. Feel free to discuss politics and issues affecting the metro, nation and world. just remember that we are free to disagree and respect the viewpoints of others. I will delete comments I view to be inappropriate.