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Nazoo Host is a cross pacific company servicing niche market webhosting for all walks of life! We're dedicated to providing customer service that's from human beings, not from a cross script or a call centre that's overseas! Nazoo host is currently managed by a small team in Washington USA and Dunedin, Otago New Zealand. our hosting is based in Dallas Texas, and we're happy to support varied packages for various wonderful people!

For those who don't like messing with installing a single thing, and just want something easily created in a snap for them - so they can manage their website with ease, we can do single domain package with any of the popular website scripts on the web. For a maximum of 12$ A month you can do Ecommerce or Custom install services (Setup Fee required for non standard installations.). All of our services are created so you don't have to break the bank.

In future, we will be purchasing other services in bulk for customers whom are interested, currently according to our server's terms of services we are unable to provide IRCD, Full SSH/Shell and Shoutcast services - if you are intersted in these services hold your tongue - we'll be adding these services in future! For custom package of these services not listed, or to pre purchase please email the customer service email listed below and we'll get back to you ASAP.

To provide humane, green ecological, cloud based niche web hosting to anyone! From blogs to small business hosting and even reseller services - we hope to strive to make you feel right at home!

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