New Delhi, India-Buy, Sell And Trade

Strictly for people who want to BUY, SELL, TRADE and Post LOST... and FOUND items.

Group Rules and Protocol:

>post photos and asking price MUST be posted (no auctions of any sort. If you need to you can ask 'Or Best Offer/OBO')

>DELETE your posts. If found to have been sold and not deleted the original posting member will be removed (and not be re-added to the group)

>Keep it peaceful. No arguing, name calling, putting each other or 3rd parties down. This also goes for private messages sent to each other. If this is found to have happened - anyone involved will be banned from the group.

>No cyber bullying or threatening.

>No excessive commentaries please. Keep it to the point.

> After 30 days original posts for items will be deleted (service posts will remain on the wall). Too many members are NOT deleting their sold items and the wall has become very congested.

>English please. If you post in another language it needs to be translated into English.

>Links for things that do not pertain to this wall will be deleted, as will the original poster.

>Sellers can choose whom they want to sell to. They are NOT required to accept your offer. Many sellers work on a first come, first to pay, sold! basis!

IN addition, please be aware of the following information.

No form of bullying or slander via PM's or on the wall will be tolerated in this group. If YOU have a concern you can send ME a private message and I will ask the person in question about your query. If many people are involved then I may have to ban everyone so please resist the urge to engage in things that will cost you in the end.

Thank you for reading (and if you were the person involved you can send me -Manik Kumar - a PM)