NexGen Innovative Technology

India's Largeset Disaster Management & Security Provider For Pc. NexGen is Now Work Promot in Market . NexGen Innovative Technology . is an advanced security solution provider specializing in Notebook Computer with Brand name of NexGen , Disaster Management, Security solution and Network
Intrusion Prevention solutions.
Headed by the dynamic entrepreneur and technocrat Mr.
Vikas Acharya , NexGen began its operations in the
year 2007 The firm has been since redefining the security
landscape by producing technologies and solutions that are innovative and forward thinking.
NexGen Innovative Technology . has successfully positioned itself as a focused IT Solution Provider with a significant reach across India and Asia Pacific. We have demonstrated our capability in these price sensitive / difficult to penetrate geographies by leveraging our risk management capability, effective Supply Chain Infrastructure Management and efficient utilization of the Management
Information Systems.
We are one of the very few IT solutions Company in the
Indian sub-continent, which under one roof is capable and
is offering a host of solutions to all its customers.
We provide the most comprehensive product and solutions
portfolio and at the most competitive prices. Our Portfolio
includes the following Solutions:
NexGen Notebook Computer
Data Recovery Solutions
Security Solution
Structured Cabling / Networking
Complete Wi Fi Solutions (Wireless Lan)
Remote Access Solutions
Installation of Desktops, Servers and Implementation /
Troubleshooting of MS Windows Server
Products from NexGen Innovative Technology have passed several rigorous tests conducted by reputed, and independent evaluators of the security industry, while they have also won plenty of awards for their superior performance.
NexGen Innovative Technology biggest asset is its people. Its core team consists of wizards in various platforms of Technology, geniuses in marketing, veterans in sales and masters in Finance. Always keen to hire the best and the brightest talents out there, NexGen Innovative Technology inspires its employees to question the conventions and break new paths. Differential thinking is ingrained in NexGen Innovative Technology philosophy.
At NexGen Innovative Technology , we provide cost effective IT Solutions to help you grow your business. Our diverse client base includes some of the best Educational Institutions, Software Companies, Government
Organisations and a lot many well known professionals. Our strategy is to use leadingedge technology,
high-quality research, and proprietary processes to consistently produce long-term superior
We invite you to try out our services. We know for a fact
that you will see the benefits almost immediately.
NexGen Innovative Technology