Brave Frontier frens:]


Big Kyurem-Black nigga and the icy watch

Actual RULES

This group is a branch of " Team Aqua", which is where the admins of this group comes from. We'll probably admin people that come from Team Aqua because we don't trust any of you shady ass niggas.
This group supports Brave Frontier Global, Japan, and Europe.
If you play any others, no one gives a shit and play those, you basic.

Team Aqua's golden rule is the first rule, and will be the rule enforced here.

1. If you can't handle dark humor or humor at all, you can fucking leave.
2. You can do anything you want except start shit for absolutely no reason unless the admins deem it hilarious.
3. Spoilers are fine
4. If you have a problem with another member or an admin, then call them out. None of that he said she said bullshit.
5. Spamming depends on what you spam.
6. No advertising of any kind. No videos, no pages, none of that shit.
7.If you don't know how to use Google, learn.

And finally, fuck you

Effective once the other bunch of Sphere Founders II come into Rare Summon:
-If you summon a Rignes before Colonel, you're going to get banned by Colonel you piece of shit
[EDIT: Colonel is gucci ]

If you rare summon a second of the following:
1. 4* Duel- GX
2. 5* Duel - GX ll
3. Duel - SGX
4. 4*/5*/6* Zelnite
5. 4*/5*/6* Ulkina
You will get an immediate ban.

Always tag Neo JiaHeng in posts in which you capture Disciple Zebra
UPDATE: Tag Neo JiaHeng in posts in which you capture Disciple Zurg
He's a fag

If we suspect you're Brett, we will ask for a Timestamp.