Nephi Indoor yard sale

Enjoy this group to buy,sell, or trade items.
1. There will no longer be advertising a business on the yard sale. Only yard sale items. Items can be defined as any used or unwanted item you have and wish to sell.
2. Crafts are allowed.
3. No diet pills,body wraps, and/ or parties of any sort.
4. Anything for sale other then yard sale items are not allowed.
5. I strongly encourage you to delete your photo when your item sells. There are so many pictures and are difficult to delete.
6. I will delete and ban those who cannot follow the rules.
7. We have to maintain good manners, being kind, courteous, helpful ,fair,and follow through on sales. Do not agree to purchase something unless you are going to follow through.
8. Any complaints will be handled by both names being released to the other party. If you wish to remain anonymous don't complain. 9. You must practice fair trading. Be honest about your item for sale. Make sure you tell the buyer if there are any defects.

This group and/ or it's developer is not liable for any transaction made by a third party. Any stolen property or false advertised product. In other words you must be responsible for your own sales on the yard sale. You are selling and buying at your own risk.