Network Marketing Executives

This group was created for network marketing professionals and for people who want good information about Network Marketing also called MLM or multi –level

If you are an experienced network marketer, I encourage you to share your knowledge with others in this group.
If you are new to network marketing, I encourage you to learn from others in this group. Ask questions in the discussion boards and on the wall.

I created this group because I am interested in helping people earn a living or additional income online. I have devoted time to learning about different areas of marketing and have helped others learn how to use social networking, social media and internet marketing to market themselves, their products, their business and their services on the social web. I have talked to a lot of people and looked at many different money making opportunities.

Because of the economy, many people are coming online to places like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and are eager to learn the many different ways to supplement their current income, gain extra clients and make extra money by socializing online and using social media.

Many try affiliate marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, joint ventures, business opportunities and make money online programs.

Network Marketing can be a very lucrative business. I have personally talked to people who have made millions. Did it happen overnight and was it easy?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! But Nothing Worth Doing Ever Is. I have had many businesses, many successes and alot of failures so I know about working hard and hanging in.

Something that has the power to Change Your Life and Make You Financially Free will NEVER be simple, quick or cheap. Stop thinking Easy Street, Big Mistake!

There are a lot of misconceptions about Network Marketing as schemes or illegal pyramids. I was skeptical too until I started listening to people I can learn from and respect.

I want to do that for you here in this group. It’s time to clear up the misconceptions, put everything on the table and grow and share together.

This group is for everyone who believes in the power of a leveraged lifestyle and residual income. Whether you are currently in an MLM or you are interested in joining one in the future, this is a place to meet people, ask questions, write suggestions and participate. We would love to know what you really think about MLM. Tell us your success stories and your failures. If you know of a good solid responsible network marketing company, share it with us.

We are not interested in Big Claims, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Make 25k in 10 days or something equally unbelievable.

If we could all focus on helping just one person, - the next person – we will be rewarded far greater riches.

Please DO NOT post your business opportunities here.

On this wall and in the discussion boards, share one network marketing strategy or true success story. You can share your business opportunity in the discussion threads but also state why you think it’s a good opportunity, What personal experience have you had with this company? Tell us why it would benefit us as well, not only you.

Also share how you are using social media and social networking to work your business.

Only 1 friendly link allowed (your website, blog or twitter address) under your name.

"If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business." Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Many people have made fortunes in network marketing business opportunities, also called multi-level marketing or MLM while many people have failed to make any money.

It is a very rewarding home business opportunities. It is very important to do research and get recommendations from people you trust before you spend time and money on a network marketing opportunity. If this site can help people with this process, then I will be very happy. Let’s find the good opportunities and expose the bad ones.

This is a forum to share ideas, not to pitch your product or opportunity. Let us respect each other, our time and need for REAL information. Be Courteous, Be Helpful, Be Professional, Be A Network Marketing Executive!.

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