N e w A e ѕ т н e т ι c

N e w A e ѕ т н e т ι c is a group for presenting visual artwork... that has been made with or in regard to digital technology and the Internet. It is a group made by artists for artists.


1. Anything you post in this group must be relevant to digital technology and the internet.

2. ONLY visual artworks are allowed. This includes stills, animation, video, etc. This is NOT a group for music.

3. If you want to post someone else’s art, you are free to do so but you MUST attribute to the artist. If you don’t know where it came from, do a reverse Google image search and figure it out.

4. Don’t be a dick. No racism, harassment, misogyny, homophobia, etc. Seriously. We’ll ban you.


6. Blocking an admin will result in a ban.


You are free but be as ethical as you can.

Art, while not necessarily belonging to its creator, should hold the latter responsible for its existence.

And remember! Working within a protocol is more powerful than attempting to dismember it (you will fail).

-Nick Zhu