Official Kajabi User Group

This Kajabi User Group was created to provide a positive communi...ty for anyone using New Kajabi within their business or anyone supporting Kajabi (virtual assistants, consultants, partners, developers, etc.)

*Please refrain from tagging or private messaging Kajabi employees unless they have initiated contact with you.
(If you have a support question and no one in the group is able to answer you please contact us at

*Kajabi employees will be in the Facebook group from time to time and may answer questions, but this is not a support channel. Kajabi employees are in this group on a volunteer basis, and will not always be available.
There are many knowledgable members in this group that can likely answer any question you may have, but in the event that they cannot, you should contact Kajabi's support team at

*Do your own due diligence before asking questions of the group. The Kajabi help guide is an excellent resource and contains the answers to many basic and advanced questions, as well as theme overviews:

*We strive to keep this community a positive, collaborative place. Constructive criticism is welcome, but if you are frustrated or not happy with the Kajabi platform please contact Kajabi directly at

*You are always welcome to share your site / pages for feedback, but direct marketing to the group is not allowed.
If you offer a service or product that you believe would benefit members in building out their Kajabi website or products please contact the Group Admin to get permission to post. If you provide a service that a member is asking for, you may reply to the post offering your services.
(Basically if it feels like a promo, it probably is. Promos are not allowed.)

*Be kind to other group members

*We reserve the right to remove posts based on off-topic content or offensive content, and to remove members that do not comply with community rules, or follow the instructions of community admins. See More