NEW Likes Like Backs & Shares

You have to have a REAL profile and not be a new fb user... Helping each other out by liking their fb business pages or groups. It's fine to also post like this so I can win pics etc... etc... G- (or PG anyway) rated, family friendly descriptions and pictures. Asking for 'shares' or likes on your own website etc... also fine. Even star ratings... fine.

There are ONLY two rules I will strictly enforce. First is NO 'sexy' pictures or groups. Now an author with a legitimate book on sex or a nice 'toy' company that keeps it clean is not the same, as long as decent and no 'hot' pics. Sexy literally means 'sexually stimulating" and that isn't happening here. smile emoticon Second, NO multiple posts in one thread. ONCE is enough. If you want to put yourself on a thread DELETE the old one please.