God, Angels and Humanity - A New Message from God

Welcome to the New Message from God (www.NewMessage.org), a gift from God that has entered the world at a time of great change. The New Message is over 9,000 pages in length and can be explored in greater detail at: www.NewMessage.org.

In this group, we will discuss this event in human history - the delivery of a New Message from God and the arrival of a Messenger of God, Marshall Vian Summers. Please bring your questions and any other experiences or insights related to the New Message and the Messenger to this open group. All viewpoints are welcome. Hateful or derogatory comments will not be accepted. This is a space for honest inquiry and exchange.

This group is distinct from the "Students of the New Message" group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/205561129570736/members/) which is a discussion of active students of the New Message.

The purpose of this group is to discuss The New Message from God. If you have not read the texts of the New Message, you can do so at www.NewMessage.org/experience

Discussion, photos or videos that are unrelated to the New Message or the topics presented in the New Message will not be approved.