Egypt News

Egypt News is a group exclusively about Egypt. The aim is to highlight Egypt's brilliant heritage and current events. Our policy is as follows:

- We welcome all posts about Egypt including cultural, sport, songs, movies historical,political, cartoon and others.
- Posts can be News, Pictures and videos or via any other form.
- Posts must be in English language only.
- The photos and pic must be in big format. Timeline photos will not be encouraged
- Our advise to make album of photos in case the content is having same theme. Individual photos in this case is not encouraged.

- Can be in any language. English is preferred but still can be in any language.
- Can be about anything. "Only Egypt condition" does not apply to comments.
- Any friend wants someone to add him, please send him or her a message. Comments including" pls add me will be cancelled".

Ads: It is up to the admins to keep or cancel the ads.

Admins will regreatably cancel the posts in the following cases:
- Posts that do not match our policy.
- posts that includes pic of babies, bunnies, flowers, love words and horses.
- Posts that has no article, video, pic or album.
- Attachment unavailable.
- Repeated posts. ...
- Posts that are not liked by friends.
- Posts that include personal phone numbers or photos.