New Testament Christian Assemblies Around the World

A place for interaction and conversation between Christians who gather by New Testament principles. Gathering unto the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in homes, schools, Bible Chapels, Gospel Halls, Good News Centers, or under trees all over the world.

WARNING: ADMINISTRATORS ARE TASKED TO REMOVE ANY AND ALL POSTS AND COMMENTS THAT STIR UP STRIFE. Present your studies and make your comments in a God fearing, constructive fashion demonstrating brotherly love or you can expect to have your views deleted and membership revoked without warning! Walk with God, demonstrate HIS love between your brothers and seek ye the Kingdom of God.
PLEASE ADD MEMBERS but please be discerning. Do not add anyone who has demonstrated a propensity toward strife.
CORRECTION! Anyone who feels they need to bring correction to a brother or sister MUST FIRST go in love to that brother/sister via an IM and try to lovingly and humbly seek forgiveness for bringing the correction or any offense committed. DO NOT AIR YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY IN PUBLIC!

To keep the chatter down and to allow people the opportunity to find the study they are looking for we should post our studies as links to our notes pages and update those studies as we go.
John/Jill Doe has updated his/her study on UNDERSTANDING THE FULFILLMENT OF THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES " (post the link.)
UNWATED POSTS: As beautiful and comforting misc. Bible verses, meant for encouragement of the Believers, may be, THIS IS NOT A GROUP FOR SUCH POSTS. The reason for this is to keep the chatter down and allow people to find the posts they wish to develop for themselves and contibute to so that the writers can make corrections as we get closer to the end (Which we all believe is very close).
My prayers are with all the participants, for all God's elect and for the Word of God that He proves His Word to be Faithful and True.