New to Professional Photography - Encourage, Share, & Learn

A place for aspiring or growing photographers to discuss, ask questions, and share images!


"New" would be considered anyone in the business three years or less!

When you are added to the group, please "like" the pinned post at the top of the page with the rules to acknowledge you've read them. Thank you!


Each photo you post for CC, please write which code you are prepared to handle:

C1 - Go Easy! Do you like this? Tell me what you like.
C2 - Critique but be very kind and positive!
C3 - Critique but give me polite advice. (DEFAULT FOR NO CODE)
C4 - Please feel free to completely speak your mind!


*FOLLOW THE CRITIQUE SYSTEM - We need the members to be able to pick a CC level and trust that the group will respect that. What's the point of a critique system if some people disregard it? Nobody's critique is "above" the use of the critique system.

*No blocking admins.

*Be nice. Exercise common sense! :)

*There are no "required" cause issues, you're out! We like to keep this group as hassle and drama free as possible!

*Please do not PM member with negativity or comment negatively on their Fan Pages! Any online bullying will not be tolerated!

*Please understand that if you post a photo for CC, some may edit your Facebook-size photo to exhibit changes they think you might want to make!

*Only 3 photos per day for CC, please! If you'd like to share more, feel free, but please post in an album!

*Do not screenshot any posts/conversations. What is in the group needs to stay within the group!

*If spam or something unacceptable is ever posted, please don't flock it! Ignore or alert an admin!

*This is a PHOTOGRAPHY group for EMERGING PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS. It is not for selling your props or products, ray-ban's, knock off shoes and models soliciting work. Please don't spam us with any of these things.

NOTE: When posting a photo for CC, it is extremely helpful to also comment what you shot the photo with and what editing programs you use!