Raw Till 4 Foods and Recipe Sharing

Before requesting to join this group, please read this first:You must introduce yourself upon joining...This is a support group. We are a bunch of friendly people and promise not to
bite or judge.

Raw Till 4 Foods and Recipe Sharing.
is a closed group created as a place for
vegan / raw vegan , their supporters, and those who inspire to be.
Raw till 4" means eating raw food (specifically fruit) until 4pm in the day then having a high carb, low fat cooked plant foods dinner, while keeping daily intake of 90% Carbs 5% Protein and 5% Fat.

If you are here, please participate and also support each other. You all have something that others will benefit from

We encourage you to share your recipes and pics of your low fat vegan meals, snacks and produce here

In an attempt to keep our community focused in succeeding on a high carb, low fat vegan lifestyle, we do not support the following posts/photos/materials posted on this group.

* No posts of animal products of any kind
Recipes and the like must NOT include honey,eggs, meat, poultry, fish, or any other animal product
This also includes uploaded posts/photos/videos promoting the following ingredients as healthy:
* Bee Pollen
* Oils of any kind
* Salts of any kind
* Agave
* Stimulants, like Caffeine,Cacao/Cocoa (the fruit is ok but not the seed), etc., and of course any stimulant drugs like Ephedrine,

Regarding promotion of products and services, we will have a low tolerance policy just shy of total exclusion. Because some members may need the help of health coaches or may need to know about where they may purchase additional information on a subject, we will show SOME leniency. But, total self-promotion with no free educational value for the group will not be tolerated. Continued ignoring of warnings will not be tolerated and postings that are unrelated to the subject of Low Fat High Carb Plant_ Based , When in doubt, ask an administrator before posting

For more information on The Raw Till 4 guidelines visit