The Nigerian Nostalgia 1960 -1980 Project


Collecting photographs (including video and sound-bytes) depicting scenes and people from Nigeria between the mid 19th century and 1980. You do not have to have photos to join. Commentators and browsers are welcome.

Project Objective:
Reconnecting the Nigerian psyche to pre-existent, indigenous and proper thought giving base to national pride and a foundation for a sustainable future.

When submitting photos, please include - your first and last name; the year, (or estimated year), and the location (or estimated location) of the photograph.

You should include any background information that may add value to the photograph and the viewer experience or if you do not have any information you can throw a question out to members about the photo to gain whatever public knowledge may be associated with the characters or scenes depicted. You should NOT ask questions when
you already know the answers as in the form of quiz.

Photos can also be submitted electronically to:

Email: [email protected]

It doesn't matter. You don't have to have any to join or to retain membership - but you can browse, comment, learn and share knowledge you may have.

If your photo is selected for any purpose outside of the group you will be contacted by an administrator at that time about copyrights and licenses. You may also be required to provide the original or a high resolution scan along with ownership information which will be used for any production and which will be returned to you afterwards.

The Nigerian Nostalgia Project


The Nigerian Nostalgia Project "Group Administrators" are primarily responsible for protecting the objectives of the Project and ensuring that the following values, rules, terms of membership are adhered to by Group Members.


Members, Participants, Contributors to The Nigerian Nostalgia Project share, exhibit and are guided by the following core values, we:

Share Information and Knowledge Responsibly
Respect all People
Respect and Promote the Project Objectives
Respect the Opinions and Perspectives of Others
Practice Respectful, Open and Honest Communication
Work to Define, Agree On, and Pursue Nigerian Ideals
Continuously Strive to Elevate the NNP Collective Thought Process
Work Together as Nigerians for Accomplishment



A-1.0 Photo Uploading
All members are encouraged to seek out and share personal collections of photographs or other documents that may be in their possession, or in the possession of family relatives, friends and associates that demonstrate any aspect of Nigerian life prior to 1980.

1960-1980 group members shall only post photographs, documents produced in or before 1980.Any photo/document posted that is, or, is determined to be, produced beyond that year is subject to removal at the sole discretion of the Group Administrator (GA) and without warning. The GA shall be the sole determinant of any special circumstances where exceptions can be made.

If you wish to post a photo that post-1980, you must seek GA approval PRIOR to posting it. You can attach the photo to a Facebook message in which you will clued your strong reason your photo should be allowed. We typically will only consider situations where the photo/document is produced closer to 1980, or where the photo/document subject is of a significant rarity that can be easily found pre 1980.

Posting photos produced prior to 1960 are acceptable to the group as they may provide context for events that culminated in 1960 and afterward.

A-1.1 Photo Subject-Matter
All photo subjects must have a visible Nigerian context. Promotional photos of popular non-Nigerian consumer products exclusive of other indigenous Nigerian context are not permitted. These include: Non-Nigerian Literature, popular Non-Nigerian TV programs, and Non-Nigerian products. All such photos will be removed by the GA.

A-1.2 Solicitations and Sales Promotional Posts
Solicitations, Sales Promotional posts are prohibited from the Group wall. Without express permission of the GA, members may not post any link that solicits purchases or promotes sales within the group. Exceptions are made only when such promotions are in furtherance of the Project objectives.

A-1.3 Promoting Events
Members wishing to invite others to an event they are involved in organizing must NOT post this information directly on the wall. An "Event" may be created using FB functionality in Events Tab on the Group page for informational purposes only. Members are NOT permitted to use the "invite all members" function which must be unchecked prior to posting your event. Violations carry a 3-month suspension from the Group (Grey Listing)

A-2.0 Photo Captioning
For each photo posted, a descriptive caption (DESCRIPTION) must be included to enhance the viewing experience for browsers, researchers and the like, as well as to enable the object turn up easily when using the group search functionality. Key words relating to the photo/document uploaded can be included in the caption for search but this is not imperative.

Descriptions cannot be in the form of question or quiz to the group though the poster can ask for help from group members in identifying photo-subjects, photo scenes, and other aspects while providing what little information they may possess.

Once relevant information is gathered, it is the responsibility of the poster to update the caption as necessary.
Captions must also include a DATE or estimated date and a SOURCE/OWNER for the photograph. For example, If the poster is the owner the source/owner can be input as follows:

Source/Owner: Personal

A-2.1 Accreditation (Source/Owner) Posters must appropriately credit the copyright owner and/or source of your photos when posting. This applies particularly to individuals posting photos found on the Internet. Appropriate accreditation may prevent valuable commentary from being lost if an unaccredited source or owner insists that the posted photo be deleted. Appropriate accreditation is also important to the Project's objective as it helps the editors pursue the correct owner if a license is sought for use outside of Facebook.;Photos posted without appropriate captions for more than a 24-hour period are subject to removal following a warning to the poster by the GA.

A-3.0 Duplicate Photo Posts and Cross-Linking Duplicates
The Group Administration attempts to discourage duplicate posts to ensure that valuable commentary surrounding a photo can be centralized in a singular location making it easier for users and reviewers to search for, gather, and use information. While in the current environment it may be difficult to prevent some duplicates from occurring we encourage both members and administrators to assist the Project by cross-linking the duplicates whenever they are encountered.

A-3.1 Internet Finds or Photos Found Abroad the Internet
Owning to the size of the 1960 - 1980 archive and limited functionality in the FB environment, Group members cannot easily tell whether photos they have located on sites around the Internet have not previously been posted in the Group.
For this reason we discourage the posting of photos found on the Internet –at large and encourage posting of photos from family archives
If you happen to find group-relevant photos on the Internet and would like to post them you will have to place the in pre-approval status

A-3.2 Internet Photo Duplicate Check Process
When posting Internet photo finds, the words "DUPLICATE CHECK" (DC) must be included along with the regular caption. This indicates to a GA that the photo is found on the Internet and the poster is submitting it for a duplicate check with the knowledge that post may be fail for being a duplicate and awaiting a response. The “DUPLICATE CHECK” marking should only be removed by the POSTER once the Photo Administrator approval has been provided in the commentary using the following code e.g.

“DC: FAIL” – Means the Photo is a duplicate and should be removed by the poster
“DC: PASS” – Means the photo is unique

A-4.0 Posting Web- Articles (News Articles etc.)
When posting a news report or other journalistic material, the poster should copy the Title, Body Text, Credits and hyperlink, and paste all of these components in a Group Document – Pasting the link on the wall alone will not be accepted and the link will be deleted

Group Documents can be created by clicking the “Files” tab at the top of the page and clicking the “Create Doc” button

A-5.0 Comparison Photos
A comparison photo is a photo that shows the original subject of subject of a photo in a different state or point in time. If your comparison photo is not properly posted or linked to the original post, it will be deleted, for example being as "out of scope" or Post-1980.

Comparison Photos must be posted at NNP Associated Photos Group and cross-linked to the original photo in the 1960-1980 group

To post a comparison photo, please follow this process:

1. Open the original 60-80 post
2. Copy the link in the address bar
3. Go to (link to separate group - NNP ASSOCIATED PHOTOS)
4. Upload your comparison photo there
5. Paste link to original post in the description and save
6. Copy URL from the comparison photo
7. Click on link to original post
8. Paste link to comparison photo in the original post description or commentary

A-6.0 Civil War Photos, Videos, Documents, and Biafra Records
Photos/Video relative to the Nigerian Civil War 1968 -1970 or Biafra must be posted in the dedicated Civil War Group - They are no longer permitted in the 1960 -1980 group
The Nigerian Nostalgia Project - Civil War Conference

A-7.0 Images of Native Nigerian Customs, Traditions, Ancient Art - Pre-Nigeria
is the forum of Ancient Nigerian Art, Antiquity, Cultures, Customs found in Nigeria should be redirected to The Nigerian Nostalgia Project - Pre Nigeria Discussion Group There we discuss various attributes of the peoples that pre-existed the modern political state of Nigeria. Photos in any of the these categories may be removed without notice from the 1960 -1980 group by the GA.
There is no date restriction in Pre-Nigeria

A-8.0 Current Affairs/Nigerian Politics Posts
Posts related to Current Affairs/Nigerian Politics are not allowed in he Group -Current Affairs links or photos must be redirected if applicable, to the sub-group "NNP Citizen Action Documented".

A-9.0 Posting a Friends Corner (FC)
A Friends Corner is a temporary side-bar post that can be posted by any member in relation to an ongoing or past discussion. It is the place for light-hearted commentary, post-mortems, complaints or non-photo or history related side discussions and activity.

Only one FC per subject-post can operate at a time (Multiples will be removed by the GA only the earliest will survive)

The Poster must indicate their FC in the title as in the following example:

FC: [Where is the Biafra Passport?] (Including parentheses)

The Poster is strictly responsible for maintaining order within their FC and making sure that there are no violations of NNP Rules by participants.They may delete offending commentary OR report violations within 20 minutes of their occurrence to any or all administrators.

FCs have a maximum life of 2 hours, where after they must deleted by the poster or by an administrator.

FCs for longer periods may be granted to members who have demonstrated the ability to maintain order or to those who have requested an extension for reasons approved by the GA

A-10.0 Sharing NNP Photos to a FB profile

If you wish to share NNP photos on your FB profile credit The NIGERIAN NOSTALGIA PROJECT as follows:
Source: The Nigerian Nostalgia Project OR
by posting a link to the actual photo in the group.

If members wish to use photos externally they must seek permission directly from the GA on a photo-by-photo basis by sending the link to the desired photo along with a FB message. Proper credit as described above must also be give to the Project on any approved usage.

A-10.1 Sharing Photos from a Personal FB Profile Album
Sharing photos from a personal album to the group is NOT permitted as associated commentary cannot be managed in this scenario. The photos will be removed by the GA.

A-11.0 Deleting Posts
Members are NOT permitted to delete their own posts. If a member is found to have deleted their own posts without prior consent from the GA - This is a ground for suspension/removal/barring from posting etc.

With the exception of FC Posts, only GAs are permitted to delete posts within the Group


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in response to any posts are those of the individual poster and not necessarily those of the Nigerian Nostalgia Project.

B-1.0 General Rules for Commentary (Etiquette)

B-1.1 Commentators:
Only group members are allowed to comment on any post.

B-1.2 Style:
Commentary in general, should be fact-based as much as possible. We recognize that there is a place for lighthearted banter but it should not take the place of fact-based commentary to overwhelm a post; Members are required to self-regulate in this regard however excessive and repeat offenders may be barred from commentary

B-1.3 Language
Commentary must be in English although commentary provided in a Nigerian or foreign language must be translated by the poster or his/her delegate upon request by any member.

B-1.4 Foul Language
Commentary must not contain foul or offensive language, swear words, or sexually aggressive terminology. A contravention of this section will result in the immediate loss of commentator privileges.

B-1.5 Overt Use of Capitalization
Unnecessary use of capital letters in body text is discouraged and commentators employing an overt use of capitals in their commentary will receive 3 warnings before they are barred from commentary for a minimum of 2 weeks.

B-1.2 Administrator Rights Over Commentary
The GA reserves the right to remove any comment that does not adhere to the standards prescribed in Part B-1 above.

B-2.0 Ownership of Commentary
All Commentary associated with any photo post collectively belongs to the Nigerian Nostalgia Project as such:

B-2.1 Deleting Commentary
Commentators are not permitted to delete their own commentary or comments made by others on photos they have posted. They can edit their own commentary as permitted through Facebook functionality.

B-2.2 A member who is discovered to arbitrarily delete his/her commentary will immediately be barred from future commentary.

B-3.0 Insulting Language or Hate Speech
There is a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY against insulting language and hate speech.
Insulting or hatred inspiring language cannot be used against anyone or any photo subject at anytime for any reason. A contravention of this rule will result in an immediate permanent ban/block of the offending member(s).

Terms and rules are subject to change without notice.

By requesting to join The Nigerian Nostalgia Project I acknowledge reading, understanding, and accepting the NNP Rules of Behavior in PARTS A and B.
I am aware that I am accountable for my actions and that failing to comply with the NNP Rules of Behavior or my involvement in any activity contrary to the core values of the Project may result in my being barred from participation.

Etim Eyo
The Nigerian Nostalgia Project © 2012

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