Nighthawk's Spiritual Works

This is a group that enjoys the ponderings, music, photos, prayers and spiritual awakenings within us all. Please be mindful of others. Respect is key. We must respect each other and keep things on a positive note. All are welcome to participate, as long as we respect each other and keep things peaceful. Any deviation of this will result in ousting those that do not show respect or are constantly bringing disharmony to the group.

Please try to refrain from over-posting. It is like one that continues to talk in order to be constantly heard. We need to spend more time in silence and listen to others. When we over-post, we are not listening and not enough people are being heard. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy listening to all of you, but we need to be mindful of others.

There are a few things that will get one automatically exiled and they are as follows: posting pornographic material, excessive profanity, selling of products, and racist remarks. So, I am asking that we all continue to show respect, remain positive and enjoy each other. And, please do not make this a dating site either. All are free to post within the guidelines previously stated. I want everyone to know that I am honored that you are all here and enjoying the group. If you have any questions, please contact either myself (Dennis Binns) or any of the admins.

‘MITAKUYE OYASIN’ We are all related. We are family.