The Duchy of Nine Willows

The Glade of Nine Willows is an Amtgard chapter based in Midland, TX and is currently a Duchy under the Kingdom of Golden Plains.

Nine Willows meets at Haley Park on Saturdays at 12:00pm noon, located on the corner of Holloway Ave. and L St. behind the Haley Memorial Library & History Center!

Check our Files section for helpful links, dues paid list, and most recent althing minutes!

= Current Nine Willows Monarchy =

Duke ~ Lord Raja Madjin
Regent ~ Valance Draigonnos / Rattles
Champion ~ Dark Overlord Sir Wretch
Prime Minister ~ Lord Bartholomew the Black Hearted
Guildmaster of Reeves ~ Overlord Ryuujin

Weaponmaster ~ Overlord Ryuujin
Dragonmaster ~ Josslyn Reyne