Support Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

Established as a sanctuary in 2004. We rescue innumerable abandoned dogs offering them comfort and medical care. Many of them moving into ideal homes locally and overseas. Presently housing around 150 dogs. financed by the generosity of private individuals and big hearted volunteer workers. Some funds came from central government in 2008, mainly for neutering and structural improvements. We are also on the forefront campaigning for upgrading and enforcement of animal welfare laws, microchip registration of dogs nationwide and responsible breeding. We cooperate with all animal welfare officials and NGOs. We are watchdogs for animal cruelty situations in our region. In 2009 we started the emergency ambulance service 24/7 for stray dogs and cats, financed by the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs. It has been run by the government since Jan 2010.
When we operated the ambulance we agreed on the contract to pick up all dogs and cats roaming major trunk roads. At present, the Animal Welfare Department refuse to pick up such animals and only intervene when they are injured! We believe it makes more sense to rescue them BEFORE they are hit by a vehicle!
Elementary common sense: First it saves the animal from injury and secondly, an injured animal requires more care, both veterinary treatment and recovery. Authorities please note!
Meanwhile, animal sanctuaries are not receiving any financial assistance from the government. It had been promised to br given on an annual basis but was only given in 2008! The new government has promised to help sanctuaries even financially, fingers crossed!