"Save The Drama for Your Mama and Read a Good Book Instead" Book Club

This group is a book club dedicated to studying personal development/mindset books. We believe as Jeff Olson said, "The greatest gift you could ever give yourself is also the wisest investment you could ever make...it is your own personal development."

We believe it is through this investment in personal development that the vision for our definite major purpose is developed and where it essentially will become reality. As Napoleon Hill put it, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

The way this "Book Club" will work is as follows:

1. We will pick a book and those in the group who wish to participate will have 2 weeks to read the book.

2. We will put together a Google+ hangout to discuss the book together and learn from one another.

3. Feel free to post any insights you have about the book we are reading as we read the book. (I know sometimes I forget something I would like to share if I don't share it right away).

4. We will have a book list in our documents that you are welcome to add to. Please make sure they are highly recommended books of personal development however.


1. Please keep your comments positive and uplifting. We want this to be a safe place that will strengthen and uplift at all times. As the name of the group states, "Save the drama for your mama..."

2. As many people who study personal development have some type of home based business, as we do, we welcome any and all who would like to participate. We do want this to be a safe place however and ask that you do not promote your business in this group unless you are specifically asked about it. If you post a link to your business you will be removed from the group immediately.

3. We want this to be a fun, exciting, and strengthening experience for everyone in the group. It is a place where we can build friendships and connections that will be a blessing to have.

4. Please participate as much as possible. If we are reading a book you are not interested in, you do not have to participate, however we will miss you. We will always strive to choose the best personal development books to study.