Arkansas Guns and Outdoors (No Gouging Allowed)

This is a Group Created to combat the growing urge for people who think they can buy a $600 gun and sell it to some poor schmuck for $1200. Or Stalk Wal-Mart for hours, only to buy a $109 brick of .45acp and Sell it for $200. Also, the buck a round .223 will not be allowed. If you try and bring in and sell a used gun at a new price, it will not be allowed. All of these other groups have far too many rules on RESPECT the other members request to ask what they want. This is why ammo prices are the way they are people. Lets stop this nonsense and be fair and reasonable. The only rules are as follow, no excessive foul language, if you agree to a deal, stick with it, if you back out, your gone. And thats basically it, just be fair and reasonable, remember, you offer good deals, you will get them in return, thats all for now folks, enjoy. UPDATE 7/21/2013. Looks like the AR-15 shortage is coming to an end. They are for the most part, back to normal prices, but the ammo is still not back to the way it was, so i will still do my best to not let our fine members be taken advantage of. That is all for now my friends, enjoy our freedoms and our 2nd Ammendment Rights.