The Cotton Collective

18+ only group!!!
We need a group that lacks the drama and all the rules about who or what you can post about when it comes to the world of vape. So lets make this group a fun place to come to talk shop. Feel free to post your builds. But also feel free to talk about the juices you use or the devices you use. If there is a deal out it here, If you have a company related to the it here but just try not to spam it please (no one likes spam). Please limit ad's to once a week at the most, also do not bump your own advertisement post or you will be removed from the group. This will not be about "our sponsors" this is all about the world of vape. We want this to be where you come to get information and share information. Keep the drama for yo mama, and VAPE ON!!!!!

NO DRAMA HERE! We don't tolerate it here on The CC, we made this group to have FUN, meet new vapers, and help each other out. Also, bashing people for their choice in devices, juices, etc, will also not be tolerated. Our common goal is to quit/stay off cigarettes, this isn't a competition. Hopefully soon, we will be able to do some give always, as we are working on that as well. ANY questions, feel free to ask, you will NOT be bashed on this board! Also, for you new guys, do not feel intimidated by all the high tech builds, etc, start out simple, you will be fine, and work your way up. Again, welcome, and let's have fun!

Any GB's/Links posted on here and not approved will be deleted.