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Let's preserve and share history and memories of the North Shore..., Auckland, NZ. Our own and others' memories both old and more recent.
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"Sir George Grey Collection, Auckland Library".
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I grew up on the 'Shore in the 1970's + 1980's. My background includes being a parent, a foster parent, a teacher, a newspaper columnist, a music and movement facilitator, a sports’ coach and a community worker.
Diane McKinstry
(née Dempster)

"History is not something obscure or unimportant. History plays a vital role in our everyday lives. We learn from our past in order to achieve greater influence over our future. History serves as a model not only of who and what we are to be, we learn what to champion and what to avoid. Everyday decision-making around the world is constantly based on what came before us. Why? Because history matters."
Steve Berry 2012

The region includes:
Devonport, Stanley Bay, Bayswater, Belmont, Hauraki, Takapuna, Milford, Castor Bay, Forrest Hill, Sunnynook, Rosedale, Campbells Bay, Mairangi Bay, Murrays Bay, Rothesay Bay, Waiake, Browns Bay, Torbay, Long Bay, Okura, Northcross, Pinehill, Albany, Greenhithe, Schnapper Rock, Northcote, Birkenhead, Chatswood, Hillcrest, Birkdale, Beach Haven, Glenfield, Bayview, Wairau Valley, Unsworth Heights, Paremoremo, Greenhithe, Wainoni and Lucas Heights