Save the Norwood Cork Tree in Adelaide Australia

We understand that the development proposal relating to the Westfarmer’s Coles Supermarket in The Parade, Norwood, South Australia plans to remove and destroy the ancient cork tree in the car park to the west of the shopping centre.

The tree was planted around 1890 by Henry Buttery who had a series of 5 shops on the Parade. Henry arrived in South Australia in 1870 on the ship named 'Hugh Fortescue', and apparently Henry brought the cork tree with him on the boat - as a seedling.

The tree appears to be the one of the oldest known cork tree in Australia. The oldest cork tree in Australia was planted in Tenterfield NSW in 1861 (153 years old). Cork Trees live to a great age and are highly valued in most communities.

The National Trust of Australia said that this Cork tree is No. 34 on the Significant Tree Register.
A petition to the Norwood Council is being organised as well as one to the State Government.