No Way AFA ...

Here we go... again!

As if three consecutive no votes over the course of a decade weren't proof enough that Delta Flight Attendants want to remain union-free, unionists through the International Association of Machinists (IAM) haven't yet taken NO for an answer.

You told the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA) NO three times with the last election being conducted under even more favorable voting conditions for the union. Unrelenting, activists snubbed their noses at the unique Delta heritage and tried to sell you on the Transport Workers Union (TWU). When that didn't work out, their next stab at unionization was a bastardized hybrid of the previous two, the Association of Delta Flight Attendants (ADFA). Disinterest from you and infighting within the unionists themselves quickly led to the demise of the ADFA.

Even after all this, activists won't respect your right to a direct relationship with Delta. It's clear - at least to most - that Delta Flight Attendants don't want to pay in excess of more than $15,000,000 annually to a corrupt union which represents very few flight attendants; those they do represent are small groups at regional airlines. Unfounded promises and proven incompetency in negotiations at those airlines are enough for you to vote no. Machinists activists, many of whom aren't Delta Flight Attendants, have called you and even showed up uninvited at your homes. They want you to ignore the facts and sign away your voice and rights, along with a blank check. You're smarter.

Speaking of signing, the IAM has claimed 12,000 Delta Flight Attendants signed a card to call for an election. While it's doubtful that all will vote yes, it's obvious they will stop at nothing. Flight attendants signed cards under pressure and harassment; others were allegedly forged. To be crystal clear, 12,000 cards do not equal 12,000 yes votes. Many of you shared that you only signed a card to have the opportunity to vote no.

With these things in mind, this page was created as a continuation of the grassroots group of Delta Flight Attendants who rallied to tell AFA that they are not welcome on the Delta property. We will successfully use this page to provide the Machinists with the same bon voyage and gracious buh-bye! After all, every group they represented at the time of the merger sent them and their toolboxes packing!

Simple rules: Interact with respect. Act like adults. Communicate as if you're in a galley with one another, not on a middle school playground. No profanity, please. The membership will be limited to Delta employees, confirmed by a listing in the Delta Corporate Directory. Inappropriate posts will be removed and persistent users banned. While this page is not affiliated with nor supported, moderated or controlled by Delta Air Lines, Inc., it is suffice to say that those who are members support the company and it's Flight Plan and historic legacy of working together, union-free.

In sum, Be Different. Be Delta. Vote No... Again.